Petition for Oasis KGI Commons to compensate rent for the delayed move-in date

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Hello everyone! 
As most of you know about the new Oasis Residence update, I am certain that all of us are very disappointed by the delayed progression of the residence. When signing the contract after getting accepted into the program, we were given a move in date of August 20, 2018. However, the company could not meet the expected move in date that they made and delayed the move in date twice already. Before the first delay, Oasis gave future residents alternative housing options. Many of us chose to stay at a hotel, another apartment, or our residence of choice depending on what was more convenient at the moment not realizing we would have to move again if we chose Option 1 or 2. For those who chose to stay at a hotel, cooking our own meal or doing our own laundry was out of the picture. Because of this, people had to purchase meals most of the time. For the people who chose their residence of choice or an apartment option, the location was approximately 30+ minute drive commute, which is a further commute than what we would have if we were to stay at Oasis. In addition, students are spending gas money that they would not be spending if Oasis was finished on time. Those who want the option to break their lease and find alternative housing should not be fined as well since they never had the opportunity to reside in Oasis. Although we signed the license agreement, the accommodation choices are being managed poorly by Oasis on how they define proper "accommodation" as being equal to a unit that hasn't been built yet. 
Many of us feel very disappointed by the continuous postponements and responses from the Oasis office associates. We, as the students of the 7 Claremont Colleges and future residents of Oasis, are asking Oasis Housing Operations to compensate our entire rent and other utility fees such as gas, laundry, and/or meals until the residence is finished. This can only be done if we can have your support. If you feel strongly about this matter, please help us by signing your name and email below to show your support!
Thank you for your time reading this,
I hope you have a wonderful evening!
KGI Students
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