Prevent rezoning of the Masonic Temple Lodge property at Ridge Ave & Madison Rd in Oakley

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Summary: We, the residents of the Oakley Community, object to the plans of rezoning our neighborhood to build a mixed-use development on Orkney Avenue, Madison Park Avenue, and Madison Road in Oakley.

The issue: A commercial developer, Commercial Development Services Group, LLC. is under contract to purchase the Masonic Temple Lodge property on the corner of Ridge Ave and Madison Rd in Oakley. This developer has the intention of purchasing additional properties on Orkney Ave, Madison Rd, and Madison Park Ave. The purpose of this assemblage of properties is for a mixed-use project.

Take action! We call upon the council and committee to deny the request to rezone for the following reasons:

● Noise and air pollution: Rezoning for retail and/or planned development would open up our homes to be exposed to increased volumes of traffic which would make noise and air pollution grow exponentially. Noise and air pollution would significantly increase from the large volume of vehicles parking, entering and exiting a development if our neighborhood was rezoned.

● Ridge & Madison Traffic: The intersection of Ridge & Madison one of the busiest intersections in Oakley with over 30,000 cars daily. With the rezoning to a mixed use or business development located at the heart of this intersection, it will significantly decrease the flow of traffic, greatly increase the volume of traffic, and cause back ups which will negatively impact residents and businesses in the area.

● Light pollution: Rezoning for retail and/or planned development would increase the lights from vehicles entering and exiting the proposed rezoned area and general retail lighting would negatively affect a large number of homes in our neighborhood.

● Safety concerns for children in our neighborhood: With such low rates of traffic, parents feel comfortable letting their young children walk on the sidewalks, or letting their older children bike, play, and use scooters without fear. With rezoning, the potential for a large increase in vehicle traffic will subsequently increase the risk for children to be injured by vehicles. The large increase in non-resident foot traffic will contribute to parents feeling unsafe allowing their children to play outside in our neighborhood.

● Residential Street traffic: Rezoning opens us up to higher flows of traffic on our streets where we currently have low rates of traffic, and people feel safe to walk with their children and dogs.

● Crime increase: Due to the high volume of vehicles and persons exiting and entering our street all hours of the day and night, there would be a significantly increased risk of crime.

● Neighborhood character and identity: We chose to live in Oakley because of the charming houses, walkability, safety, and community with our neighbors. Allowing developers to rezone to add a retail space and/or planned development, by tearing down houses that have anchored our community for over eight decades, would show that that the history, character, and identity of our community are less valued than the desires of developers looking to make a profit. This project could tear down 70 free standing homes. 160 homes if the project expands to Harrow Ave. and Camberwell Rd.

We, the undersigned, believe that any potential rezoning for retail and/or planned development will neither preserve nor improve our Community, and that is why we chose to object this plan.