Release Jean Wahab- an American senior citizen imprisoned for no crime.

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In 2016, the Oakland County Probate Court in Michigan took Virginia Jean Wahab- a 94 year old woman away from her family and placed her in Lourdes Nursing Home where she is held against her will. 

According to a Tablet Magazine article:

Jean was taken away from her daughter Mimi and given a state appointed  guardian Jon Munger because of a past due bill owed to the nursing home where she'd been going for short term rehab.

No evidence was presented at the hearing.

Jean was not in court to speak for herself. 

Mimi was not permitted legal representation. 

The Judge Linda Hallmark threw out Jean's power of attorney which had named Mimi as her caregiver and replaced it with Jon Munger without giving a reason.

Jon Munger has billed Jean over $6,000 in a three month period. 

Jon Munger is trying to take the family home away.  

Jon Munger has broken into the home five times and taken everything of value from it. He locked Mimi out of her home without a valid court order. No hearing was issued before he got it.

He then billed Virginia for the locksmith! 

Jon Munger has a bad history of doing this to other people.He has been sued numerous times and fired as a public administrator. Oakland County Probate Court has been investigated by Michigan TV station WXYZ for doing this to other families.

Jean and Mimi have not been allowed to see each other for two years. Jean keeps asking to go home and be with her daughter. 

Jean's family says she needs and wants to go home. An independent investigator who looked into the case said “To isolate and prohibit an aging Mother from seeing her daughter is heartbreaking to this GAL. Mimi Brun has priority under the statute and is Virginia’s choice to be her Guardian.”

Why is Jean being held against her will by Jon Munger? Why was she denied a lawyer? Why was a guardian assigned because of a past due bill? 

Lawyers have said that what Jon Munger and the Oakland County courts are doing is illegal. 

Sign the petition! Help Jean go home. Tell Rick Snyder and Attorney General Bill Schuette to end the corruption at Oakland County Probate Court which is illegally tearing American families apart and robbing them of everything they own.