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Stop encouraging us to change phones "as often as we change tubes"

O2 currently have an advertising campaign on the London Underground in which the main message is "Change phones as often as you change tubes".
At best, the wording of this advert is poorly thought out and at worst, it has been described by one observer as a marketing scheme which "promotes greed and needless materialism". According to O2's marketing, the company wants to be seen as moving towards sustainability but the advert contradicts this.
We urge O2 to stop this advertising campaign and instead promote their products using a more sustainable message. O2 is a large corporation and as such has a responsibility to stand by the supposedly green measures they list on their website. Their own marketing materials state that "We want to share information about the social and environmental impact of the products we sell, to help customers make the right decisions." We would like to see O2 take action and put this statement into practice. We believe O2 has taken positive steps towards sustainability in the past and can do so again by removing this advert which fosters an unsustainable culture of waste!

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