O’hara Twp. Residents Supporting Chicken Ownership

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By signing this petition, you are showing your support for residents of O’Hara Twp. to own a small number of hens as personal pets, for the  benefit of fresh eggs. 

We are trying to change the current ordinance that requires a minimum of 5 acres and 300 feet setback. Of course, there will be guidelines such as a minimum amount of property, no roosters, and other precautions for safety and hygeine. Placing chicken ownership under the current nuisance laws would be an ideal situation. 

Educating people about chickens is the only way to allay their concerns:

Hens are not noisy- at their loudest-have about the same decibel level as human conversation (60 to 70 decibels).

Keeping feed in approriate storage will keep away unwanted vermin. 

Chickens eat ticks. This area is full of ticks. Although we don’t suggest the chicken roam free, many coops can be moved daily to allow a new area to be pecked free of ticks. 

Having a small number of chickens is easy to maintain to decrease the chance of odors.

If all of our surrounding communities can have chickens, including the City of Pittsburgh, O’Hara Township should as well.