New Zealand Driver Testing

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This Petition is asking NZTA to test all drivers for competency prior to renewing their New Zealand Driver License every 10 years.
(At the moment all that is required is a very basic eye sight check and a new photograph)

MORE information and some details about what I’m asking for:

Every 10 Years New Zealand Drivers need to renew their New Zealand Driver License. All I am asking is a simple test to ensure All Drivers still have the appropriate skills to continue sharing our public roads in a safe and courteous manner.

Currently all that is required to renew a New Zealand Driver License is a quick eye sight check and a new photo. 

If this petition is Successful... All New Zealand Drivers would need to complete a written examination and a practical driving test, from an approved provider, prior to going into the AA to renew their New Zealand Driver License.

The Majority of New Zealand Road Users need a friendly reminder of some of the most basic Road Rules and Driving Etiquette 

Due to the Increasing Demand on our roads, Increased congestion, Increased travel times and Increasing number of fatalities on our roads I feel that this is a very simple yet very important way of helping to make the roads a safer and better place for everyone.

Concerns you may have:

Q: What would happen if I Fail a driving test? I rely on my car as transport!!
A: By Failing a test you wouldn’t automatically lose your license, you will be able to re sit the test as many times as you want, but you will be required to pass the test prior to renewing your NZDL.

Q: What about the costs?
A: The cost to each Driver would be minimal in comparison to the overall cost of owning, maintaining, insuring, registering and running a motor vehicle!

Q: when will i need to do the test? 
A: you will need to do the test prior to renewing your license at the AA and this needs to be done before your license expires if you want to continue driving legally. (your license expires after 10 years) you may want to consider doing your test and renewing your license after 9 and a half years to ensure you have plenty of time in case you need to re book your test due to failing. 

I am looking into options to start up a charity to help cover costs of driver training please keep in touch to learn more about this or if you would like to also be involved with this.
You can contact me on Facebook: Geoff Upson or Call: 09 444 4363