Safer Speed Limits 110 NOW PLEASE

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Higher Speed limits are usually safer!*

I am asking for the new 110km/h speed limit to be rolled out across New Zealand NOW PLEASE

The motorway I drive on a daily basis fits the required criteria for the new 110km/h legal speed limit but is still set at the old legal speed limit of 100km/h which is no longer an appropriate maximum legal speed limit for some of our motorways and expressways. 

Personally I will often drive at a sensible speed such as 120km/h when traffic and road conditions allow!! Which means I need to break the law and risk a speeding ticket just to drive at an appropriate and safe speed for the road! 

If you think 100km/h is too slow for the Motorway(s) that you travel on please sign this petition and add your Motorway(s) in the comments section which is available after signing. 

*by raising speed limits we allow drivers to travel at a more appropriate speed, drivers can spend less time on the roads, drivers are more alert and less fatigued!

Setting speed limits at an appropriate maximum encourages drivers to think for themselves and pay attention to the road and conditions rather than relying on a speed sign to tell them what speed to travel. 

Please note I am only expecting the 110km/h legal limit to be introduced on appropriate stretches of motorway and expressway where there are two or more lanes in either direction and not where there are multiple on and off ramps close together. 

you can contact me on 09 444 4363 or find me on the Motorway Community Facebook Group. 

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