Let girls play women's rugby when they turn 16!

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Change the eligibility ruling for 16 year old girls.

Change it from having to be 16 before the competition starts to play women's rugby to once they turn 16 they are eligible. 

Currently New Zealand Rugby rules state as follows;

"Players must be at least 16 years of age as at the date of the first match in the Women’s Competition in the particular year in order to participate in the Women’s Competition". 

Why can't girls be eligible to play simply once they turn 16?

Girls are missing out on opportunities based on whether they were born before a particular date. For example, a girl turns 16 on the 15th of March but the competition started on 14th March, meaning the girl has to wait till next year to play due to the current ruling. Also, competition dates vary between regions, for example, the Canterbury competition may start on the 14th, but another region such as Manawatu start a week later on the 21st, means that the girl would be eligible to play there. 

What is the difference between them being 16 at the start of the season being 16 during the season?

It is affecting the growth of the game and restricts girls based on the day the were born which they cannot control.