Stop The Craggy Range Track on Te Mata Peak

Stop The Craggy Range Track on Te Mata Peak

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I urge everyone to sign our petition so we can present it to Hasting District Council and Craggy Range Winery to show that people do care about the irreparable damage they have already done to Te Mata Peak which is a natural wonder of Hawkes Bay and protected by Ngati Kahungunu for the last 1000 years under Kaitiakitanga which has been included in some legislation.

The Resource Management Act 1991 aims to enable sustainable management of environmental resources. It states that people managing resources under the act must take kaitiakitanga into account which Craggy Range Winery has not done and probably would not care as the owner Terry and Mary Peabody's own property is miles away. ‘White Waltham’ estate at 14 Zelita Rd, Moggill, QLD, AUSTRALIA

The act defines kaitiakitanga as ‘the exercise of guardianship by the tangata whenua (Nagti Kahungunu iwi in this case) of an area in accordance with tikanga Māori in relation to natural and physical resources; and includes the ethic of stewardship’.

We must stop these Billionaire environmental menaces from defacing our lands. They have not only defaced the land irreparably but have stirred up and nasty racist backlash and has threatened legal action with their billions so that they can keep defacing Te Mata Peak.

We need your signature now and if you know anyone else who you think might support us then we would love it if you would share with them too.

Lets put a stop to these environmental menaces that are plaguing not only Hawkes Bay but are all over the world