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Ban plastic bags in New Zealand

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  Why We Must Ban Plastic Bags

Tena koutou tena koutou tena koutou katoa.

Did you know each year one hundred thousand marine animals are killed by plastic bags?

Thats one reason why we must ban plastic bags. 

I have once seen a dead fish with a bit of plastic in it.I thought it was quite depressing and  everybody else would to. This is a great example of the one many innocent marine animals killed by mistaking plastic bags for food. 

Plastic bags never biodegrade but slowly turn into micro plastic.China uses three million plastic bags a day alone!How many a year I’ll never know.Our country, New Zealand uses 1.6 billion plastic bags a year and we send forty thousand to the rubbish dump an hour!  In 2010 our planet used over one trillion plastic bags! Think about how much we used in 2016.

Most people think that reusable fabric bags cost heaps of money, but their completely wrong reusable fabric bags are not much more expensive. New Zealand is quite behind, considering lots more countries have either completely banned them or put a tax on them. For example California put ninety cent tax on them and that decreased plastic bags usage by 90%.

In conclusion, I think it is extremely critical that plastic bags should be banned because it is vital that we look after are our marine animals. I think if we put our heads together we could do it.At the moment we aren’t doing that well. We are very intelligent creatures and we need to fix what we have done. Would you like to be kept in a plastic bag with no room to breath?These are the many reasons why we must ban plastic bags now!






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