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A Favorable Decision For Pascual Carpenter's 2015 Parole Release!!

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At 18-years old, Pascual Carpenter was arrested for a spur-of-the-moment robbery – something he admits to foolishly participating in as an unarmed lookout. The robbery resulted in the death of Brian Watkins, a fact that Pascual was not even aware of until the next day. Even though another teen had already confessed to fatal act that killed Watkins, Pascual was charged under the controversial felony-murder rule. Despite never having caused, intended, aided, witnessed or foreseen the death and after a sensational and highly politicized trial, Pascual was convicted. He received the harshest sentence possible under New York law: 25-years-to-life.

Pascual Carpenter expressed deep remorse for his role in the crime that led to death. He has worked hard on his rehabilitation. He is an exceptionally talented African-American writer with many notable accomplishments during his 24 years of incarceration including: Earning two Bachelor of Science degrees, State Certifications for Peer Counseling and Legal Research, receiving a private grant for starting a non-profit youth organization, publishing several essays, writing award winning poetry, and three full-feature screenplays (including a 2009 international quarter-finalist) and a recently optioned thriller. He is presently in sought-after a graduate degree program run by NY Theological Seminary in Professional Studies.

As 23 years turns to 24, Pascual's continued incarceration in the New York's prison system can finally end March 2nd 2015. Because of his exemplary behavior, Pascual is expected to appear before the Board of Parole for an early LCTA hearing. To press for a favorable decision we are urging you to register your support for his release by signing this petition. Every vote of support counts since just one person's added voice can make the needed difference.

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