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Naple Play Ground, Staten Island Dog Run.

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This petition represents the interests of dog owners of residents of Grasmere. Its goal is to allow the baseball field at Naples Playground, between Targee St, Stanwich St. and Rome St., to serve as an off-leash dog hangout area during certain hours of the day. This baseball field would be an area where dog owners and their dogs can socialize and exercise in a responsible manner.

Many dog owners in the neighborhood, especially from the park’s adjacent community, Stonegate, bring their dogs out to the baseball field during late evening hours. During those hours, most of the time only the dogs and their owners are at the baseball field. At many instances, law enforcement officers pull through to the park and tell dog owners to leave the park with their dogs. However, the dogs pose no threat to anyone near the park or in it. For years, dog owners have been walking their dogs into the baseball field during evening hours. From records, there are no cases where somebody got hurt or felt intimidated by the dogs.

Furthermore, like people, dogs are better off when they are participating in social activities with other dogs. Research shows that unsociable dogs are prone to poor health, both mentally and physical. This ranges from unhealthy hormonal imbalances, which brings long term effects of stress and skittish behavior from the dog, to obesity and other unwanted physical conditions.

A few other points to add:

· Having a place where people can bring their dogs on a regular bases leads to more interactions between the people in the neighborhood. This gives people an opportunity to fraternize and helps create a sense of community.

· According to studies, having a neighborhood with pet amenities, like allowing the baseball field be an off-leash pet area, increases the neighborhood’s property value. Buyers like to purchase homes in neighborhoods with as much amenities possible (e.g. parks, recreational facilities, green spaces, etc.). A park that allows off-leash dogs will make the neighborhood more desirable to live in, and thus increase property value.

Please help us dedicated off-leash leniency for dogs during certain evening hours at Naples Playground’s baseball field. This will only benefit the community.

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