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SIGN Terrell Owens or Plaxico Burress

This needs to happen, especially with the injury to Santonio Holmes. Clearly both Terrell Owens and Plaxico Burress are being black listed from the lg. I am not sure why exactly, Plaxico didnt get into any trouble last year and proceeded to get 8 TD and 600 yards straight out of prison, almost surpassing the "super star" Santonio Holmes. We all saw what Michael Vick was capable of once he got his legs under him in his 2nd year with the Eagles. Yes he did shot himself in the leg, but I dont understand how that puts him at the bottom of society, not to mention how do you go backwards after having a avg season for any #2 wr. Not saying he was great but he definitely was a difference maker. Lets not forget the 3 TD game he had only a year ago.

T.O. has been extremely quiet and a team player since arriving to Buffalo years ago, yes he started posturing with the media and trying to get the world to see him again when he joined in on the antics with Chad Ochocinco. However he wasnt being a BAD GUY, and he proceeded to continue to put up numbers in Cincinnati, leading the team to the tune of 983 yards and 9 TDs. What did happen to T.O. is he got hurt and he missed a season, however he came back and got into some preaseason games this year and showed he had all of the quickness and speed you look for in a WR his size. He went up against Champ Bailey (a top CB in the lg) and got 5 targets 4 of which were bad throws. One which was put out there deep and just barely got on his finger tips (which if it wasnt for him getting open and having the speed to track down the throw he wouldnt have had a chance for) but he ended up dropping the ball. If he makes that catch he gets the TD and signs with SEA and is probably the best WR on the team (technically still not saying a lot because the wrs are garbage on that team, but he surely can play)

If the Jets are concerned with how the media would attack signing either of these players, truthfully it shouldnt matter. It is about as bad as it can get right now in terms of the media coverage on the Jets. So what, if it adds fuel to the fire, we cant afford to have another losing season and signing one of these guys is not going to hurt this team. Dont forget both of them come EXTREMELY CHEAP! Niether player has any negotiating ability, and its only a one year deal or less which is non-gauranteed. Either player could be cut before the season even ends, so we know they would be on their best behavior! Honestly I would prefer if The Jets signed Terrell Owens however if the signed Plaxico I would be equally satisfied.

After the recent poor performances of this offense and the horrendous showing vs the 49ers, this needs to happen!

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