Nuun Hydration's Clean Planet 30-Day Challenge Pledge

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Nuun Hydration takes the future of our planet very seriously. It is estimated that by 2050, the ocean will contain MORE PLASTIC by weight than fish! (source: Nuun’s tablet form makes our product easy to ship and eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottle production and disposal. To date, we have saved over 72 million disposable plastic bottles from piling up in landfills and ocean water!

As part of our Earth Day celebrations, we are welcoming the greater Nuuniverse to participate in our clean planet initiatives. This April, we’re asking everyone to DUMP DISPOSABLE! This is our rally cry to the public to consider the environmental impact of continuous single-use plastic bottle usage.

Join us in a 30-day challenge to break up with disposable plastic bottles. By signing the pledge, you will join others in their commitment to the 30-day exclusive use of personal reusable water bottles (kicking single-use bottles to the curb). In our effort to contribute to the future of a cleaner planet, Nuun Hydration is asking everyone to dump disposable bottles, before the disposables get dumped back into our land and oceans!