Keeping Cash in NUS

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NUS has recently sent us an email informing us that the campus will go fully cashless by the next AY. We will need to pay for all of our purchases using only NETS, Ez-Link or PayLah. While this might sound convenient at first glance, in practice it's more trouble than it's worth.

This is a petition against the fully cashless system the OCA wants to implement by next Academic Year. We propose to keep the existing cash-cashless hybrid system that we are currently using. While we understand that this initiative was developed with good intentions, it's also extremely short-sighted of the OCA to implement such an extreme policy without regard for students like you and me who might face difficulties with a totally cashless system. You won't be able to pay for your stuff if:

1) You're an exchange student and don't have a Singaporean bank account
2) Your phone ran out of battery
3) You lost your Ez-Link card
4) Your Ez-Link card or PayLah has no value
5) NUS_STU is down and you have no data
6) You can't access your bank account
7) You don't have a bank account
8) You don't have PayLah (or your phone can't use it)
9) NETS is down (it happened in February and uTown Gong Cha just stopped functioning)


Some other things you might want to think about too:

1) Non-NETS payment options are excluded from this system. This enforces NETS monopoly over purchases within NUS.
2) Using PayLah is an unnecessarily complicated process. (take out your phone, unlock phone, find the app, sign into the app, point the camera at the QR code, realize your PayLah wallet doesn't have enough money in it, have to top up, wait for your OTP, top up, finally pay for your kway chap.)
3) Most of us don't keep that much money in our Ez-Link cards, buying a meal may mean that you can't afford to take a bus or train home.
4) If NETS goes down again, we can't buy anything in school at all (Not even by walking to the next canteen!).

And the 50 cents promotion ends in May anyway.