NMC UK,include Nigeria in your list of English Speaking Countries.Its exclusion is unfair!

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Nigeria is an english speaking country, All education levels are taught in english language as originated by the British Government.

Florence Nightingale , the founder of nursing schools was one of the pioneers of nursing in Nigeria and all guidelines to nursing are strictly followed by the regulating body(NMC Nigeria). Nurses go through rigorous training both in theory , practical & clinical postings to ensure they are well equiped and skilled for safe nursing practice before being registered and licensed to practice.

So why is Nigeria exempted from the NMC UK  list of english speaking countries. It’s  really unfortunate, very heart breaking and extremely demoralising seeing most of Nigeria Nurses using their RN certificate to work as HCAs, Support workers, Cleaners and lots more in UK due to several unsuccessful attempts of IELTS band 7 score requsted by NMC UK. However, if Nigeria is included in the list , the nurses would be left to prove their nursing skills, knowledge and expertise in other required exams without having to go through IELTS.

NMC Uk, can you please help African Nurses break this barrier of going through IELTS which is robbing most of them in using their hard earned Nursing skills and knowlegde in the Uk health sector by including countries whose nurses are trained and assessed in english language in your LIST as this will be of great benefit to the NHS and the community at large.

Even though we are not recognised as native speakers , English language is our Official Language.

Many thanks !