NURSES National Assembly to PUSH for a GENUINE PartyList that has a MANDATE to REPRESENT

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NURSING is a sector that needs political representation. Nurses have been abused, exploited and neglected for many years. And NURSES (not only its leaders) need to come together to UNITE towards CHANGE or lose another opportunity.

Currently we have a nurse who is Undersecretary of Health, and there are strong nursing organizations in active existence. Many nurses are also holding influential positions in government, private sectors, education, business, mass media, and organizations here and abroad. It is a very FERTILE time for nurses to bring about change. But such should start from ITSELF. And UNITY is essential to achieve its goals.

Nursing had a representation in Congress through the ANG NARS PARTYLIST. It lost in the last election for obvious non-support of nurses and for its failure to impress upon nursing its achievement in three years. ANG NARS PARTYLIST SHOULD RUN AGAIN BECAUSE IT IS ALREADY POSITIONED AS A POLITICAL GROUP THAT MAY REPRESENT NURSES! But something REVOLUTIONARY should be done for CHANGE for it to ensure victory and achive GENUINE REPRESENTATION of the NURSES.  It should be able to RALLY THE SUPPORT OF ALL THE NURSES TO ENSURE VICTORY not only for one seat but for a maximum of 3 seats - which the nunber of nurses and their families can ensure. Otherwise, Ang Nars is risking itself to repeat the 2016 failure and, win or lose, it will cause further division in the profession.


1) For ANG NARS PARTYLIST to open up and allow a democratic process of representation through an inclusive NATIONAL ASSEMBLY that will ALLOW NURSES to CHOOSE who should be the FIVE nominees from among all those who are QUALIFIED and WILLING.

2) Hon Leah Samaco Pacquiz should relinquish her entitlement as the first nominee and allow herself to be one of those from which nurses will choose from. It is a heroic act to do as she had been in the forefront of this organization that she founded. But the entitlement weakens her mandate. This democratic selection will give her a stronger mandate if she remains to be the person the NURSES will choose through a democratic process of an internal inclusive election. Please dont take this as a personal attack. I am helping you establish your mandate - if there is any. History will make you remember the kindness of my intention.

3) The Philippine Nurses Association (PNA) SHOULD take this POLITICAL ACTION without breaking its mandate of being an APOLITICAL body of professional nurses. PNA is nurses Accredited Professional Organization (APO) and should take the LEAD for CHANGE to remain relevant with the changing times. This is NOT going to be a political action but a sector concern that needs leadership.  If PNA will not take this lead, and ANG NARS is able to call for this process and eventually win representation in Congress, then the latter may easily assert its worthiness to be an APO with its number of votes (presumably from what it represents - the nurses) as a clear proof of its valid representation as APO.

4) For all nursing organizations and nurses to COMMIT to SUPPORT the NG NARS Partylist and its final nominees in the 2019 elections. This will come automatically and as a moral commitment.

5) Ang NARS Partylist shall sustain this democratic processes and shall COLLABORATE as a unique organization strategically developed to represent nurses. It should neither be a duplication of what PNA already is nor what others already are. It is not another CPD Provider selling units to nurses or another organization offering membership for a fee. It is a POLITICAL FORCE to bring NURSES together towards CHANGE. There should be no personalities involved and personal issues that should be allowed to affect its mandate to bring about change in NURSING for the BENEFIT OF NURSES and the SOCIETY it serves.

NURSES IN POLITICS is within the NURSING ROADMAP crafted by leaders and advocated by the Board of Nursing. It is what Florence Nightingale was and what ICN also now advocates.

The NATIONAL ASSEMBLY OF NURSES should be INCLUSIVE to have everyone willing and qualified - nurses! A TASK FORCE should be created to MODERATE the basic agenda:

1) identification of current nursing issues that need prioritization and intervention; 

2) pledge of commitment to support the cause of nursing and nurses, including what it stands for like health, etc. Regardless of who gets nominated.

3) nomination, campaign and election of Ang Nars Partylist Nominees

A third party audit firm may be needed to run the elections for it to be more credible. This Assembly may be conducted in NCR, Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. There can also be a valid mechanism of ONLINE engagement. Sponsors and benefactors may be tapped to support this.

By the way, the legal processes is one but the MORAL OBLIGATION and ESSENCE OF EXISTENCE is another. Ang Nars may be a juridical personality governed by its own by laws but it has the MORAL obligation to engage the SECTOR it claims to represent. 

It CAN be done for EVERYONE! It SHOULD be done. It HAS TO BE done. Once and for all.

Mabuhay ang mga nurses! Mabuhay ang NURSING!

PS: Let it be known that the primary petitioner IS and WILL NEVER be interested to be nominated.





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