Reopening Of Flatline Murder Case | Corpus Christi

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In 2015, Jose Jesus Mendoza was found shot dead at the pier in Corpus Christi as family scrambled to find answers. Jesse Wayne Taylor also known as “Jay Tee” (his stage name) was responsible for the suspected escalation of an altercation between both parties. According to local publications, Taylor told officers that he was invited to the fishing pier that night. He claims that he was then “ambushed“ by Mendoza and blindsided by a collective of peers he is familiar with. He goes on to say that he wrestled for a weapon like a movie scene and gained access to a handgun. He fired the weapon into Mendoza’s chest multiple times and then says he retreated the scene. He made contact with police and revealed these fuzzy details while appearing to be shaken and disheveled. When police grew curious and suspicious he stated that he would like to “speak to his lawyer”.


The city grew frustrated with the investigation speed of local law enforcement and delivery of courthouse justice. However, when Taylor pleaded not guilty to charges of murder the case was swiftly declared “dismissed”. The city of Corpus Christi did not erupt like it did when the incident initially took place. The media outlets did not plaster “CASE DISMISSED” all over your TV screens or social media feeds. It was almost as if someone with influence came in and cleaned things up. Jesse Wayne Taylor went from posting aggressive rap lyrics on social media pretrial to portraying an outstanding citizen image in court. Judge Guy Williams was in the middle of other personal problems like accusations of sexual harassment, aggravated assault, and plots to secretly kill another judge. Taylor has had all of his major offenses dismissed since a child which makes most scratch their heads. To make matters worse, there is still no trace of the murder weapon Taylor used in alleged “self defense”.