No pension for Ex MP Daryl Maguire

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How can a public servant, who has been caught out as being corrupt and forced to resign, get a pension that is 3 times the average wage of Aussie workers. 

Ex MP Daryl Maguire will be getting about $140,000 pa FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE. 

If I were to be caught doing the wrong thing at my work and made to resign I would not get a pension or even a payout. It’s disgusting to think that my hard earned taxes are now going to him.

He got too complacent in his role as the Liberal member for Wagga Wagga. He got greedy and got caught - it seems that all those years “serving his electorate” he was only looking out for himself.

It makes all the things he achieved for Wagga Wagga pale into insignificance. So why do those who have so much always want more, and seem to be willing to do anything to get it. 

I want to send a message to the NSW Premier and the NSW Parliament that this is NOT GOOD ENOUGH this money would be better served to our farmers and pensioners.