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Petitioning NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell

Stop Mr Packer's Barangaroo Casino from destroying Sydney Harbour

If planning regulations prevent people from painting their house a certain colour,due to the fact it might visually offend someone, like a neighbour, then why can James Packer build a Casino/luxury hotel, taller than centrepoint (on public land currently designated as public foreshore parks) positioned to intentionally disregard the natural beauty of Sydney harbour and it's neighbours, us.


Why should we accept corruption? 

- Barry O'Farrell changing legislation 3 weeks prior to submission of proposal 

- David Murray, former CEO of Commonwealth Bank for 13 years, selected as 'independant' chair to reassure the community as to the validity of this process 

- Lendlease paying how much for the best developable public land in Sydney?

  Enough is enough.

Letter to
NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell
Stop Mr Packer's Barangaroo Casino from destroying Sydney Harbour

An open letter to Barry O’Farrell,

Dear Mr Premier,
I feel compelled to bring a very serious matter to your attention.

The Barangaroo Casino development proposal that I’ve read has been approved by cabinet yesterday, in my professional opinion, has been presented graphically in a way that is misleading to the public.

These images (see attached) show the reality and true visual impact of Mr Packers High Rollers Casino.
These images are an accurate representation of the position, height, size and positioning of the proposal, based entirely on the information given to the media regarding the NSW Government backed Casino proposal.
- “70 storeys to accommodate luxury apartments and "salons" – daily telegraph
- The plan image –

This is the one contextual perspective that has been released. – daily telegraph

It shows the proposal from the angle from a helicopter over Balmain looking east towards the city, a perspective chosen to reduce the visual impact and show the proposal from an angle that ties it in with the existing skyscrapers.

In my humble opinion, gambling or ‘gaming’ should not be the function of what would be one of Sydney Harbours most prominent built structures with the best views down on Sydney Harbour, especially when we already have one, not but a few hundred metres away.
I think our tourism would actually suffer as Sydney’s postcard view becomes dominated by the erection of Mr Packers Casino tower.

I am disappointed in the NSW Government for not taking the time to seriously look into this matter with the scrutiny required for such a radical and prominent proposal, which in no way respects the beauty of the Sydney harbour landscape, setting a very dangerous precedent.

I ask you Mr O’Farrell to reconsider allowing this proposal the go ahead, in light of this new information, even if Mr Keating is in strong favour.
I ask you, what would Jesus do?

As you are the democratic leader of our state, I propose you to put it to a democratic vote and let the people of Sydney and NSW, not the High Rollers, decide what Sydney Harbour looks like.
Yours Sincerely,

Timothy Webster,
Architectural Graduate

Legal Disclaimer:
The images 3 photomontage perspectives were created, produced and are the sole property of Timothy Webster and I hereby grant permission only to the people and other legal entities of whom this e-mail is addressed, to be used at your own discretion.

If Mr Packer believes this to be defamation in any way, I as sole author of this correspondence, am willing to discuss this matter in court, if he deems it necessary

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