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Justice for buddy

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First of all you all must know and understand a little about Buddy. Buddy was my absolute best friend, he was so loyal and such an amazing companion. Not once in his very short(4 years young :( ) life time did he ever once bark at another dog or human, he was so well behaved and beautiful to every person or animal we ever met on our walks. He was amazing with children and wouldn't hurt a fly.

on the 25th of June, 2017, on a normal beautiful Sunday afternoon walk in schofields, my sister and I decided to take buddy for an extra long walk. On our walk buddy walked close by our sides and his little eyes gleamed with such happiness until we turned a corner. As we turned the corner 2 big dogs were barking at their fence at buddy and I can only assume us, buddy wasn't even phased he just wanted to play with them but we tugged buddy a little so we could hurry past but, as we got further along the fence got shorter and all of a sudden one of the dog bounced over the fence and ripped my little baby boy to shreds right in front of our eyes. Just to name one of the horrendous injuries, They had ripped his lung out of his ribcage so it was punctured and sitting just under a layer of skin, which the dog bit a few more times. Buddy howled in pain, and as much as I kicked this dog off, he had locked his jaw and wouldn't let go. The dog turned on me at one point, in which buddy wriggled so the dog would come back for him. 

We rushed buddy to the vet, he was in for 24 hours but, in surgery the next day, although we were told buddy would be okay and we could take him home on Tuesday, I got the phone call and 5.30pm. "I'm sorry but, buddy's heart stopped in surgery and although we resuscitated, we couldn't bring him back" the worst phone call I could of received. Ever since that day there has been a massive hole in mine and my family's heart and home, that can never be replaced.

I have chased up with both NSW police and Blacktown city council but, both have taken no action to be done about my baby boys innocent life that was taken in front of our eyes!!!

Please help me change their minds! Something needs to be done, better fencing, better behaviour training or whatever it may be. What if it had been a child? Do we want to take that risk? I have drove by this house numerous times, the fences are half falling over, sometimes the gates are even wide open. Please help me in filling in this petition!

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