Help Us Get Senior Constable Francis Drum On the NSW Police Honour Roll

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In 1882 Senior Constable Francis Drum paid the ultimate price in the execution of his duty. Unfortunately his death has not been accepted as duty-related by the various Commissioners (and Inspectors General) of the Police.

Francis Drum, a twenty year veteran, was thrown from his horse near Murringo while collecting crop returns and electoral lists. Sadly, his fatal fall was not regarded as being in the line of duty.

It has since been shown that in a report by Edmund Fosbery Inspector General of Police to the Principal Under-Secretary of the NSW Police Department that most country police had this task as a normal part of their duties at that time. "These duties and others such as the collection of the Electoral Lists, Jury List, Stock and Crop Returns interfere more or less with legitimate police work and occupy much time, but there is some counter-balancing advantage by bringing the police into contact with people they would not otherwise meet, whereby they acquire information of service to them in a police point of view". (see Police Duties in NSW 1862 - 1915).

We have been in contact with a serving Police Officer who wishes to facilitate the process of getting Francis Drum recognised as his due right and to have his name included on the Police Honour Roll.