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Bring Brett Joseph to Justice!

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For 10 years, Brett Joseph (or one of his many aliases) has been conning, lying, cheating, stealing from and defrauding men, women and businesses across Australia with little interference from the law! This is despite a many of his victims reporting thefts, frauds and the like to the police. There are reports of stock theft, amimal cruelty, theft, fraud - the list goes on and on! 

Dealing with the NSW police myself in relation to crimes committed by Brett Joseph to me, I have become acutely aware of just how Brett has managed to get away with so much for so long. The police are under resourced and, most of the time being country police, are not experienced enough and do not know how to deal with these reports. A number of victims have told me that they reported Brett Joseph to the Police, but have been told things like "don't use Tinder" or "be more careful next time" - which is a total and utter cop out and joke! I suspect that there are 10 years worth of complaints and reports sitting in the police system which have all been put in the too hard basket and never dealt with. Which is how Brett Joseph has managed to continue with his despicable behavior for so long!

Every day I have people asking me how this man is still walking our streets and is not in jail. My answer is that in this case the justice system has failed the community and victims!

I am calling on Arthur Katsogiannis, Commander for Fraud and Cyber Crime Squad at New South Wales Police Force, Mark Speakman, NSW Attorney General, Troy Grant, Minister for Justice and Police and any other relevant persons, to personally review any reports made in relation to this individual over the past 10 years and deal with each and every one of those complaints properly! There are 10 years of potential charges sitting in the police system which have not been sufficiently dealt with - and it is now time for the police to deal with all of those properly! It shouldn't be up to me to have to warn others about this - is it not the job of the police to protect the community from predators like this? The legal system in the country has well and truly failed all of us. How can a fraudster and conman possibly be allowed to freely walk our streets and do the things that Brett Joseph does? What else does he have to do to have he long arm of the law reach him? It is time for this to stop - NOW! And if there are no laws to protect the public from the likes of Brett Joseph then there needs to be - NOW! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

NB. Please go to and/or for more information on who Brett Joseph is and what he does!

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