Retaining nurses rights to inject clients without a Doctor on site at a clinic

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Cosmetic Injectors jobs are at stake. Our livelihood, our training and our education is all at risk due to our  NSW health minister, Brad Hazzard and a group of doctors who are campaigning to have all drugs used in S4 cosmetic medicine treatments, reclassified so that  Cosmetic Nurses will be  stopped from  injecting clients without a doctor on site.

 The main argument for stopping Cosmetic Nurses is based on client safety. As yet, these claims are unfounded. To date,  Cosmetic Nurses have excellent training, are extremely professional, always show a high duty of care and always practice within our scope. They are suggesting that a GP or doctor from any form of medicine with perhaps little to no amount of training, may be more qualified to inject clients then a Cosmetic Nurse Injector who has gone through a complete training program.

 The Cosmetic Physicians College of Australia and Mr Hazzard [the NSW health minister] are attempting to make an amendment to the Bill to: 
“amend the Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Act 1966 to impose requirements in respect of certain substances and goods that may be used for cosmetic and other purposes”.

We, a nationwide group of Cosmetic Nurses will be affected greatly if these changes take place. We, as a group, are small business owners who work extremely hard to make sure that we do the best by our clients. We support our families and our communities. This change to the bill will mean that non-surgical cosmetic procedures will become far more difficult to receive. All treatments will be from Doctors or on a doctors premises only with perhaps little to no training which will compromise the safety of clients. There also will be less suppliers to provide these services, which will mean that there will be an increase in costs as well.  This bill also sets a precedent for other Nurses to have restrictions in the future which undermines their role as a group.

Cosmetic nurses work with their doctors to give their patients the safest treatments and should not be prohibited from doing what they are trained to do.

 If we don’t have your support and this bill goes ahead, Cosmetic Nurses will no longer be able to continue practicing cosmetic injectables. Please sign this petition to fight for all our rights.