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Say NO to Compulsory Vaccination

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Stop – we are about to lose our right to choose what happens to our bodies. Is this what you want? Are you happy to have the government, big business and scare mongers tell you what and when you should have toxins jabbed into your body?
I do not object to people vaccinating and I don’t object to people who choose not to vaccinate. I do however object to having my right to choose taken away.

I question this campaign to force people to vaccinate their children.
The science is not complete. I have followed this debate since my first child was born 26 years ago and I am still not convinced that vaccines are as safe as the Government or the scientific fraternity tells us. The evidence is just NOT there. (see the links below)

While the powers that be mention the odd cases of childhood diseases, they neglect to mention the children who are vaccine injured with all sorts of mental and physical disabilities. I know it happens as I have friends who have to deal with this daily for the rest of their life.

What makes you think that the unvaccinated child (who usually doesn’t get sick) is the one who causes disease outbreaks? If the vaccine is doing its job then wouldn’t the vaccinated children be protected?

I also think it is wrong that a Government and some antagonists can run a campaign to take away a person’s right to make their own health choices. This has got to be unconstitutional.

Here’s some interesting links with articles by doctors and scientists.

There are so many more, and there are books on the subject.

Don’t just accept the word of a bureaucrat because they have power. Think for yourself and make an informed choice.

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