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SKAM season 5 with Even Bech Næsheim as the main character

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Dear SKAM fandom, do you know how many times fans campaigned and managed to get shows renewed? Google it, it will give you hope that maybe another season of our favorite show is not just a dream. SKAM doesn’t have problems with ratings so we can’t imagine NRK would ax it. Since we never got explanation for a decision to end the show we can only cry ourselves to sleep and guess or start a campaign.

Here is a petition for season 5 with Even Bech Næsheim as the main character.

Why him? In the moment of petition launch Even has approximately 6 minutes of screen time in first 5 episodes of season 4, mostly spent kissing/flirting with Isak.

“We listen to our viewers; they have a tiny bit of control, but not full control. If that was the case, we would have a season where Isak and Even make out in every clip”, Mari Magnus said recently. We sincerely hope that showrunners don’t actually believe fandom only wants to see Evak making out. In case they do let us be clear – that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The only thing we hoped for was the heartbreaking realness and honesty shown in season 3, the very reason why we got so emotionally attached to Even (and Isak). Season 3 introduced us to one of the best characters ever seen not just on SKAM but in general. So beautifully developed and written, and if we combine dictionaries of all existing languages there still aren’t enough words to describe how amazing Henrik Holm is at portraying Even.

SKAM has fearlessly pushed important issues into the limelight and discussed them thoroughly. If in season 4 we’re still talking about Noora/Niko storyline, why can’t we know more about Even’s bipolar disorder?

Mental disorder storyline shouldn’t be crammed into few episodes. It deserves entire season.  How is Even dealing with his illness? Is he seeking help? Going to therapy, regularly taking his meds? How is Isak handling his manic episodes? Where are their parents? We need answers to these questions.

Creators of the show always approached serious topics with responsibility, took it upon themselves to educate both younger and older generations on those issues. Why stop now when you have the most important of them all in your hands?

We urge Julie Andem & NRK to at least rethink their decision because we truly believe a season like that would have enormous impact on society and the way people with mental illness are perceived in it. Ease the stigma of mental illness the same way you destigmatized homosexuality with Isak’s story and helped thousands and thousands of people feel better in their own skin.

No one can do that like you, our beloved Julie, and no one can do it better.

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