Change Gun Laws to include long guns and rifles

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My Name is Harold Siegel 

On August 18 2017 my 21 year old Daughter decided to commit suicide by Rifle. Without our knowledge she had researched how to take her own life ,but she needed someone to provide a firearm.

Due to the relaxed writing of firearms, I discovered that Rifles and Long Guns are not required to be registered. When we found out that our Daughter had taken her life with a 270 Caliber Rifle, we were unable to determine how she obtained this gun as the Police were unable to trace the Rifle using the serial Number or by contacting the manufacturer.With the help of my 18 year old Daughter we found in her phone all the information as to how she obtained the gun. It was brought to our house when none of us were home except my 21 year old was present. The 23 year old gun owner had preloaded the Bolt action Rifle with high powered shell thinking she was going to use it for a school project.Because of his negligence of this fire arm my Daughter is no longer here, and it would seem the the 23 year old owner of this weapon is not responsible for loaning a fire arm for suicide .I spoke with a number of gun owners who have registered guns;they were shocked that the rifle was not required to be registered. I am not requesting that Firearms removed , But I want all gun owners to be responsible for what their guns are used for Like Motor vehicles.all weapons should be able to be trace to their owners i know that illegal weapons are hard enough to trace but legal Rifles should be traced to their owners I have so far 300 people including 4 NRA members already signed my Paper petition

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