Temporary Reduction in Nova Scotia Power Rates During Coronavirus Pandemic.

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Nova Scotia has been identified by officials as being in a state of emergency due to an outbreak of the novel coronavirus. Individuals have been instructed to self-isolate whenever possible during these next few weeks in the hopes of decreasing the spread of the virus. Many Nova Scotians have been negatively effected by this self-isolation, most specifically in terms of the financial implications due to layoffs, decreases of workable hours for hourly wage earners, limitations placed on small businesses, and, but not limited to, parents who are required to work from home without childcare. Although efforts have been made by the Trudeau government to reduce financial stress through programming, many citizens are still negatively effected or simply do not quality for such programs. Therefore, I am requesting that Nova Scotia Power lowers the hourly kilowatt rate for the next 3 months to their weekend and holiday, off-peak rate, which is 8.878¢/ kWh. Such reductions will help Nova Scotians cope with the added financial stress the pandemic has placed. Large businesses will bounce back from this pandemic, small businesses and the average Canadian should not suffer where others are profiting.