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Nottingham Playhouse makes world-class theatre and inspirational learning, participatory and training opportunities for many thousands of local people and visitors.

The diverse programme of performances, the youth and community theatres, the participatory community groups and support for emerging and established theatre practitioners all bring audiences and artists together and, by doing so, make life worth living.

The theatre costs each Nottinghamshire taxpayer about 10p a year and invests considerably more than that in the local economy.

A significant proportion of the theatre's activity and local investment will be diminished if Nottinghamshire County Council cuts its grant by 100%.

The proposed cut is too deep and too quick for the theatre to be able to source funding from elsewhere by the time the cut will come into effect.

Nottinghamshire County Council should reconsider the extent of its proposed cut, which is unpopular with people living in Nottinghamshire and beyond.

Letter to
Leader, Nottinghamshire County Council Councillor Alan Rhodes (Leader, Nottinghamshire County Council)
Please do not cut 100% of your funding to Nottingham Playhouse.

Here are the reasons, which are shared by people living in Nottinghamshire, nearby and beyond: