Nottingham Trent University - Expel the students who racially abused Rufaro Chisango!

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I have just seen a Facebook posting shared by a friend that describes the racial abuse aimed at Miss Rufaro Chisango and feel so absolutely disgusted that I felt compelled to create an online petition to Nottingham Trent University.

The article describes how Miss Rufaro Chisango being the only Black person in that block of the Halls of Residence was subjected to vile racist abuse as other "students" were outside her room shouting and chanting "We hate Blacks" etc.

The article goes on to explain that the incident was filmed and I find this example of bullying so extreme that I feel the students should be expelled from the University as in my mind there really is no justification or place for this type of behaviour.

Please show your support and SIGN and SHARE this petition on Twitter, Facebook, by email, any way that you can so that those in a position to make a change can do so.

Thank you for reading, David Flint x

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