Change the location of NTU Winter Graduation to University Hall

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After a long hard year of lectures, seminars, presentations and 3am library sessions, the students of Nottingham Trent University can finally say that the struggle is over. All that is left now is to officially graduate in December. 

The moment that we’ve been waiting for is finally upon us, we’ll be able to graduate in front of our peers, lecturers and families in the university that we’ve called home for the past few years (or year in the case of Master’s Students), but all is not as it seems.

Despite NTU having purchased and refurbished a beautiful building specifically for graduations, just across the road from where we studied; stated in the press release to be ready in time for graduation ceremonies in 2018, we will be graduating on Clifton Campus. 

Clifton campus is nearly 3 miles from city campus, and many students including, but not limited to the Nottingham Business School have never been there. 

Many masters students at NBS have felt neglected or forgotten about by the university this year, and to find out that we will be graduating in a place that we have no memories or emotional connections tied to, in a sports hall, on a date that has changed multiple times is the final straw. 

We ask NTU to reconsider their plans for graduation and give us the graduation ceremony that we deserve for our hard work and (at least) £9000 fees.