Save a 200 hundred year old Oak Tree

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The cutting down of a historic 200 hundred year old Evergreen Oak tree for the extension of a function room without clear communication or consultation with the local community. With regard to the Nottingham City Council decision to become carbon neutral by 2028 the cutting down of this beautiful 200 year oak tree that has the potential to capture countless tons of CO2 over its natural life span while simultaneously releasing much needed oxygen seems to fly in the face of this commitment.

We didn't see any regard for this historic 200 year old veteran evergreen oak tree planted as an original prominent feature of the now publicly owned Colwick Hall and estate. Such trees are supposed to be protected by planning policies as a first and material consideration in planning decisions according to Natural England advice, local plan policies and the NPPF.

Objections were ignored and excluded by making this decision less than a week after the public consultation had finished even though it could be retained with a revised design for the development. There is no evidence to support the need for a larger building to replace the existing structure marquee and the necessary tests in the planning process were not made in this case. 

Please sign this petition to persuade Nottingham city council to reconsider their stance on felling this beautiful tree, which sits on public land, for what is an entirely financially motivated private development and show them that under the radar decisions like this will not be tolerated in the future - thank you!