Increase road safety on Derby Road in Nottingham

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In Nottingham, Derby Road is a heavily populated road with a majority student residence, along with most roads coming off of it. The road has hosted a large number of severe and fatal instances, recently seen in a car flipping and two other accidents. After evaluating the safety of the road- which is minimal, I, as well as others deem it necessary to have certain precautionary measures in place to reduce accidents on Derby Road. The main reason for road accidents on Derby Road is speeding, and pedestrian accidents. The primary cause of such incidents, are due to a lack of speed cameras and safe road crossings. Therefore, I invite you to please sign this petition, and get the Nottingham City Council to improve the safety of the students in the area, and install many speed cameras and add in a few zebra crossings near the bus stops. 

Personally, I live off of Derby Road, and have first hand witnessed someone being hit by a car, and this has to stop! We should all feel safe here, and people need to be respectful of the roads and stop putting people in danger.