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I want my kids I did nothing. Wrong my kids have been tramatizetramatized

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Okay where we going to start I have a young mom with three kids my ex left me January 27th got remarried February 19th and Eminem's new I've called the cops and the effects on me repeatedly I passed everything with flying colors did it anyways let him look at my house they questioned my son? Neighbors nothing indicated I was a drug user two weeks after they showed up came back again this time I said because it's not for you it's for my ex and I'm done letting him control me and I shut my door the DFS worker showed back up in my house but you coughs they push their way in it and locked me inside and then started questioning me and just I mean talking to me like I was already horrible person I had a panic attack for my first time because they wouldn't let me out or let anybody in and I was having a panic attack I thought I was having a heart attack I had my two-year-old standing in between my legs. Please don't take me as I was holding my newborn daughter and I knew in the back of my head my 7 year oldand there was nothing I could do to protect him they had told me if I found somebody to take the kids why we got whatever resolved that would be fine I had 16 people at my house we have to take my car they found a reason for each one not two even went as far as saying I started a riot they took my kids my youngest son developed the worst stutter you've ever heard he was later on sent to Wyoming to live with a man he didn't know when he got there he had a new mom a new dad and your sister and was told that his name was not keeper anymore it was now James after 3 years of never leaving my side I haven't even so much as I hear his voice my daughter at the time was 5 months old we've never got to have a blonde I missed her first steps her first words and her first everything and it kills me I've been on my own since I was 15 that's all I know how to be that's all I ever wanted to be my daughter doesn't know me all I am is some lady that she sees once a week now recently twice a week my oldest son is 8 years old he is the most amazing badass kid you'll ever meet in your life he's a good boy has 15 when I had him never had any problems not a bad kid by any means I started noticing some changes in his behavior and I asked every visit I had there's something wrong with my son something's wrong one day he shows up and tells me he has to keep stuff on his chest and that he just had an EKG done I then later found out that he was put on a drug called 10x if you were a high-strung kid it will bring you down if you are a normal kid it will still bring you down but it makes you fall into a depression so my son gets taken off of this medicine cold turkey becahuse they found out that makes kids heart go bba it was an experimental drug so they're using my kid as a test subject pretty much so they take them off of it and the next thing I know I celebrate his birthday May 18th his birthday is May 19th but we celebrated at the 18th I go back in the next Tuesday for my visit with him and they tell me he's gone that he was sent to I have not seen spoke or had any contact with him whatsoever I have tried to contact my caseworker her supervisors and everything numerous times about it nothing has been done they're now talking about trying to put him in a group home they never contacted any family members to see if they could take him from my side or his dad side from the very get-go they never did anything to keep my kids as Bond arm our family bond or anything they label me as a drug addict yet they offer no help or support and in the midst of all this I had lost my place because I didn't have my kids I have experience depression for the first time my family has turned their back on me because of the state taking my kids I and look down upon by my peers and Society because they want to make me out to be somebody I'm not they took my kids without one ounce of evidence supporting that I was a drug addict or had anything to even do they single-handedly have destroyed my life my kids lives even if we make it through this we will live with the scars that it leaves and it's sad to say I have many friends that were great parents that are also victims all because DFS didn't want to do their homework they just wanted to get a paycheck I didn't go to my show cause hearing to 5 months after they took my kids the only paper they had me sign for the first I had bought my son a by caddies anything to try to help him keep his mind busy at all disappeared from the get-go they have not let my family see they I have asked the DFS the courthouse the public library everywhere for any type of laws or guidelines or rules or just anything and everybody says they have nothing I have and they say they don't have to give me anything I have  I have no one and nowhere to turn since the removal of my kids I have yet to celebrate one holiday or do anything family oriented to get my family back how could I ever go on with life and live day today successful in life to love life to love anything there's so much more to the story it's just hard to say it let alone right it

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