Please reject the current Anglia Square redevelopment plan

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We believe that the current plans to redevelop Anglia Square will be highly destructive to the existing community in the area. The heights and dense massing of its tower blocks, including one of up to 20 storey, will have a detrimental impact not only on the local area but on Norwich as a whole. For example, the published plans acknowledge that large areas around the adjacent neighbourhood will be left in shadow for much, indeed for some, all of the day. While the developer's own professional contractor's wind assessment report acknowledges that wind speeds at ground and high levels may become "uncomfortable" or even unsafe for people living in and around the development at times of high winds. 

The developer refuses to permit more than 10% of the planned 1200+ mainly one-bedroom leasehold or buy-to-rent apartments to be designated as 'affordable' despite the offer of more than £12 million from the national government's Housing Infrastructure Fund to support the provision of social housing there, and according to the developer's published plans, to date no social housing organisation has shown any interest in managing the affordable portion of the planned development. The developer has also ruled out paying any contribution to CIL (Community Infrastructure Levy) as it says this would be financially unacceptable for them and yet it is highly probable the planned development will adversely impact on the city's infrastructure - its roads, public transport network, schools, health provision and utilities, as well as becoming costly to manage environmentally due to probable increases in traffic congestion and air, noise and light pollution. 

While it is self-evident that Anglia Square is in need of urgent modern improvements, having been starved of investment for decades, the current plans will we believe create an unsustainable, unintegrated, unsympathetic, unattractive monolith that future generations of Norwich citizens will have to deal with to their cost.