Help save Norway's underwater ecosystem

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To be straight to the point, Norway's underwater ecosystem is currently being harmed, by millions of Red King Crabs. This problem could escalate if left unattended.As of right now, Norway is living in the profits of the Crab industry, and they want to preserve the crabs' numbers for as long as possible. In order, to preserve the Red King Crabs' number they have turned a blind eye to the rest of the underwater ecosystem. However, if the Red King Crab decides to migrate, because they are exhausting their resources of food, the animal could begin to affect another country's ecosystem. If the Norway government had a more environmental friendly outlook on this subject, disaster could be avoided.

Here is what the Red King Crab is doing to the environment. The Red King Crab is reproducing quickly and is beginning to become the King of its environment. HAHA. But in all seriousness, this crab has already made some native species disappear such as urchins, starfish, and analids. The Red King Crabs can migrate to a place with more prey, or the Red King Crabs will start to compete for its livelihood. Hopefully, the Red King Crabs will only compete for its resources , so the Red King Crabs population can stay in check. If the Red King Crabs decides to migrate to another environment, they can end up destroying another ecosystem, so from the bottom of my heart I hope you sign your name so the Norway Parliament can allow unrestricted Red King Crab fishing until the problem dissolves.