Stop the Bus Gate at Moor Farm Roundabout Cramlington

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As part of planning application 17/00499/OUT for several hundred houses in Blyth, Highways England has proposed that a Bus Gate be created at the junction of the B1505 and A1171.

I am calling upon Northumberland County Council to ensure they do not support this scheme which Highways England has proposed regarding the supposed traffic problems due to the future housing being built in Blyth until the traffic issue at Moor Farm roundabout is resolved that does not involve the closure of junction to traffic other than buses.

I wish it made clear to Highways England by Northumberland County Council that their scheme to create a “bus gate” on the mini roundabout at Moor Farm roundabout would have a catastrophic impact on the residents of Cramlington and the accident and emergency hospital as the access to the Spine Road would be next to the hospital and this would cause congestion at this roundabout next to the hospital which could have some direr consequences along with the impact it would have on the residents of southeast Cramlington.

I understand this proposal by Highways England depends on the proposed housing in Blyth, as it is recognised by the Government and Charitty’s for the need for new house it can not be at detriment of the local residents in Cramlington if the houses are being built in Blyth. The idea of this bus gate is not acceptable to the Council and the residents of Cramlington. Highways England  should go away and rethink this scheme so it is acceptable to all concerned. They must also consult the residents of Cramlington before their next proposal.

As Highways England would be seeking the 106 gain money from the building of these houses in Blyth I am sure a far better scheme could be proposed by Highways England for any future congestion at Moor Farm that would alleviate the problems, there is only a small number buses use this junction so this scheme would have little or no impact on these supposed problems.

Another worrying thing that has reared it’s head at the public meeting which I attend regarding the bus gate is that the representative of the Present administration of the Country Council mentioned several times that the planning applications for these houses would  not be carried forward to the committee stage until the traffic situation is resolved. My concerns are that these houses will not be built to ensure the problems which already exist at the Moor Farm Roundabout will not be resovled as Highways England need the 106 agreement money to do anything. This also ensures that the present administration at County Hall achieve it’s goal of reducing the number of houses built in Northumberland.

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