Approve NPT village bench plaques in memory of Jeff & Gordon Kuhn

Approve NPT village bench plaques in memory of Jeff & Gordon Kuhn

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Lori Kuhn started this petition to Northport Village Residents and surrounding areas and


My family is very private and as such, not inclined to ask for support in this manner,... but here we are asking members of the NPT village community and outside for support. Our family is not looking for donations, rather your signature to support our family finding peace by honoring Jeff & Gordon Kuhn with two publicly placed bench plaques in Northport Village (one across from the dock/waterfront, the other at Lewis Oliver Dairy Barn-Burt Ave.) Thank you in advance for reading the below request and signing the petition. 

My family was recently devastated by the loss of our beloved family members, two twin brothers (Jeff & Gordon Kuhn), who passed within 3 months of each other in the last year. Born and raised in NPT village, they were proud residents of Northport Village who passed unexpected from two different life altering and tragic events. They each had two children: Gordon had two 14 year olds: Ryan and Carley. And Jeff's children: Jesse (29) and Jaime (23). The events have fractured our friends and family more than you can imagine.

My parents have resided in and taken pride in owning the first mayor of Northport's house for over 50 years (18 Burt Avenue); we ALL have! We love that house and are proud of its history, OUR family history, and what it represents to our Village. We continue to do our upmost to honor the structure and victorian architecture as part of Northport's heritage.

My parents raised their four children, (Glen, Jeff, Gordon & myself) by sending us through local schools including: Norwood Avenue, Middleville Jr. HS, and finally Northport HS. As children, we lived our story-book lives with each change of the season by playing with over 27 neighboring children, creating neighborhood-wide hide & go seek, catching fire-flies, Summering at Asharoken & NPT beach, eating black berries off neighbors trees, hosting gymnastic performances for the neighbors, knocking on doors in our Easter Bunny suits with holiday greetings and playing in the 18 person-snow-forts we built together.

Nothing was more SPECTACULAR than our NPT childhood or the memories we created together. Nothing was more MAGICAL!  The bonds we formed, the memories made, the on-going friendships and collective families are forever entwined. (Only a Northport resident can describe something as special and know it to be true. We have been blessed with incredible surroundings; a precious gift which we continue to replicate for generations to come!)

As a family we contributed and learned valued life lessons through St. Paul's Methodist Church. (Perfect attendance record, sang in choir and acolyte duty). As a family we also supported local events including Cow Harbor Day parade helping to build & ride on the Lewis Oliver Dairy barn parade float & events at the Barn year after year!  We participated in community baseball, soccer, boy/girl scouts, school plays and musical events and more! We respected and continue to love everything this great community offered us as children including our great friends, the beauty that surrounds us, and the understanding that as neighbors we ALL love & respect one another, and continue to contribute to our village! There is something VERY SPECIAL about being raised in Northport (unspoken as it is, yet well understood & appreciated by residents). WE BELIEVE we have all been BLESSED with an up rearing that is "fairy-tale like" and UNPARALLELED to anything else that can be found in many cultures today. 

As a grown woman, I have always recognized the importance of this community, its values, its traditions and the deep seeded respect for the families (old & new), which make Northport the special place that it is. Northport has contributed to who WE ARE today! Our roots are forever cemented in pride, tradition and honor of the special place we call HOME, and our fellow neighbors. It is the wonderful combination of these elements that make Northport the magical place that draws people to visit from near and far, and more importantly, the generations of our families we continue to raise with the same values. 

It is these reasons and our shared values with which I extent a heart-felt request upon you today....

I ask your support in honoring both of my brothers, Jeff & Gordon Kuhn. They lived and thrived, embarked on adventure and grew into adults, became fathers and loving siblings through the culture that is Northport! While their passage was untimely, their memories can live on, as Northport residents forever with you help!

Northport Village Board of Directors has denied my request to honor my brothers. The board has put a moratorium on allowing residents to honor their family member with public plaques. WHY... You might ask?  We don't have a solid answer, other than excuses of vanity.

IF a family is willing to donate a park bench (or even two), or ask that a plaque be placed on *current benches* in memory and/or through donation of a family members name, who are they to say no? To be quite honest, the board doesn't have a good argument other than a “moratorium” previously put in place. Is it wrong to commemorate our community members with a bench plaque? Is that offensive in some manner? We honor past events and people throughout the town already. Perhaps it is time to remove the moratorium all together?

WE are the people that built this community. OUR families raised & educated generations in NPT. We built this town and continue to carry on tradition building on the culture that makes this the SPECIAL place is it today. We have all contributed over decades. WHY wouldn't (if asked) a family be able to honor members of their family who have contributed equally?

My family does not pretend the think we are any more special than the next deserving of privilege. We believe all residents should have the same right to honor their family members in their individual way. As NPT residents, this honor is incredibly important to us. Our family only hopes that we would be granted permission to memorialize two NPT sons with two publicly placed plaques: (One on the waterfront/across from the dock in NPT Village & One next to Lewis Oliver Dairy Barn on Burt Ave).

After losing two children, three months apart from one another, my parents, their siblings and the children of both Jeff & Gordon would find solace in knowing they can sit quietly and enjoy a visit on a bench with my brothers in the village that Jeff & Gordon both flourished in. It would be a touching reminder of being with our loved ones bringing peace to our hearts.

While nothing can replace having Jeff & Gordon with us day to day, it would help provide solace with my family and community of friends. Having these benches is a reminder to every one of us to live our lives fully and to be humble, gracious and kind to our neighbors, family and friends. It is a reminder that our short existence has impact on our community and neighbors alike. Both Jeff & Gordon would want each of you to MAKE THE MOST of EVERYDAY!

OUR MISSION IS LOVE, please say you'll join us by signing and sharing our petition.

With much gratitude,


The Kuhn Family

Kurt, Nina, Glen, Karen, Jesse, Jaime, Ryan, Carley & Lori

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