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End Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) in Northern Ireland

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The law in Northern Ireland bans certain dogs according to their breed.
Gentle family pets which look like dangerous dogs have been taken by police or dog wardens leaving families devastated.
Dogs are only dangerous if this is how they act. The continued banning of dogs based on their physical appearance does not solve the problem of aggression. All dogs can bite and a dogs behaviour is more likely to be due to how it has been treated and whether it has been properly trained.
Alternatives to breed specific bans exist in other countries such as in the Netherlands & Italy. The law can do more to ensure owners more responsible for the care, custody and control of their dogs.
"Punish the deed, not the breed"
Leading animal behaviour experts, vets and animal welfare organisations such as the Dogs Trust and RSPCA want to see an end to breed specific legislation and better laws to deal with irresponsible owners.
For once Northern Ireland needs to lead the way. Stormont has the power to change this law to make sure that no other dog is seized simply because of its appearance.
This petition is calling Minister for Agriculture and Environment and the Northern Ireland Assembly to take action to hold all owners equally responsible for the actions of their dogs and to seek an alternative to breed specific legislation.

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