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Convey our support and condolences to the victims of IRA Terrorism

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We call upon the Northern Ireland Assembly to publically recognise and acknowledge the deepening of the distress and hurt of the Victims of IRA Terrorism over the past few days.

The victims have endured the great and the good in society portraying the former IRA Commander as a peacemaker.

There would have been no need for a peace process if there had been no terrorism and Martin McGuinness played a central role in the terror of those early days.

In the wake of the his death, the Victims have been denied the answers they deserve. 

They may now never know where their loved ones are buried, and families and friends of the victims will now never see justice for those murdered on his watch and command. 

Today there are empty chairs and broken hearts as a result of the terrorism Martin McGuinness supported.  

Today he goes to his grave having shown no remorse, no regret, no apology for the terror he brought to our streets, rather, continuing to justify the bloodthirsty wickedness that was the IRA campaign.

We would like to express our support to them as they continue to struggle with their legacy of heartbreak. A heartbreak often discreetly hidden from the rest of us, but a heartbreak that surfaces unrelentingly at times like this.

Please keep all comments respectful and focused on the victims, not the victim-maker.

Thank you.



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