Make Newcastle FUR FREE!

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Fur farming was banned in the UK in 2000, due to the cruelty and suffering to animals, and the people speaking out against it. However the law still allows fur products to be imported into the UK. Fur production is inherently cruel. Fur from China includes domestic animals stolen from the streets.  Animals such as raccoon dogs, mink, foxes and rabbits are bred and kept in tiny barren cages, where they suffer. They are not given medical attention. Many are bludgeoned and skinned alive. Others are anally or vaginally electrocuted.  Some companies use trappers to trap and kill wild coyotes for fur trim. The coyotes are caught in steel leg traps. This causes immense pain and suffering and the Coyote will suffer with blood loss, dehydration, freezing conditions and attacks from other predators. The trapper will bludgeon or shoot the Coyote.
Newcastle Upon Tyne has some unethical shops, still willing to turn their backs on suffering for profit.

Most people agree that fur is unacceptable, that it’s outdated and an unwanted product in today’s life. So let’s ask Newcastle Upon Tyne Council to make a stand. Let’s get fur off the streets. If we make an impact here, who knows where that will lead.

Personal story
I’m a vegan animal rights activist. I’m part of the animal rights scene in Newcastle. Together with Northern Animal Welfare Cooperative, I’m speaking out against fur and all it stands for. Please sign and share this petition. Together we are stronger.
Together we can effect change.
Thank you