Save Tynemouth Library

Save Tynemouth Library

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Aldo Sutile started this petition to North Tyneside Council (Bruce Pickard, Deputy Mayor, Cabinet Lead for Planning)

North Tyneside Council intends to demolish one of the oldest buildings in the village and replace it with a new building, a copy of the original.

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Front Street is at the heart of the Tynemouth Village Conservation Area, a Strategy Assessment document of 2014, that North Tyneside Council created. It now wishes to renege on those commitments.

The building could be refurbished and modernized without demolishing our heritage.

Why can we not have a refurbished library including demolishing and extending No 35 (single storey shop to adjoining the library) ? Aurora Developments are proposing 5 new parking bays for six apartments, not good news for those who live on Front Street, Middle Street or Percy Street, where parking is already congested.

The petition is in favour of progress but not at the expense of wiping out our heritage.

The History of the Building

Tynemouth village was re-modelled in the early 1700’s.

The houses on Front Street during this period would have been made of stone, quarried from the ruins of the Priory or ‘tudor’ type wattle and daub timber houses. During this period, timber and stone became unfashionable. They were replaced by houses with new building materials – bricks, from the early 1700’s to the late 1700’s.

The first houses to be built on the street still surviving today would have been No 9, Marsden House, No 45 ‘Old House’, No 52, No 53, No 53A and No 54 and your library building.

All the above houses are listed by Historic England and are thereby enjoy protected status, though not the library.

Along with Marsden House, this building may well be the one of the oldest houses in the village, built around 1720. It would have stood out due to its size, five bays wide and three storeys high, probably with a small garden to the front, (similar to Holly House, No 14 Front Street) and would have enjoyed high status in the community. Since Front Street was divided by Percy Park Road in the 1870’s, it is now the largest and probably oldest town house left on the east side of this historic thoroughfare. Unprotected.

It would have been used as a domestic residence for over a century, until the early 1800’s. The building became a temperance hotel (non alcohol hotel) in the 1850’s and probably closed in the 1920’s.

The Planning Application will probably be submitted inn May 2021, so there is not much time to make your feelings felt.

It has survived for approximately 300 years. It avoided falling into total disrepair and thereby being demolished. It avoided a whole-scale Victorian make-over (See this Turks Head Pub, No 41 Front Street) and escaped the German bombing raids of WW2. Will it escape the wrecking ball of the Planning Department of your local council? If local residents do not lobby the council, this historic building will be lost.

We would ask all petitioners to make a comment regarding why you have signed the petition, ideally referencing the Tynemouth Village Conservation Area Management Strategy Supplementary Planning Document_0.pdf (

Also, this petition will raise awareness of the campaign but the second wave of protests will be needed when the full Planning Application is submitted in May 2021. There will be a link to the Planning portal on Facebook and Twitter when it is announced. 

Your support and passion is truly appreciated. Thank you.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!