Save Kye The Akita!

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Kye, a deaf akita. Was chained up in his own back garden, when a teen approached him. He scratched her. She then proceeded to punch him in his face which resulted in him biting her leaving her with an injury. This dog has been with His owner Sharon since a pup, since then hes been raised around her and her 7 children. Hes been taken away ready to be destroyed and Sharon has been handed a 5 year dog ban. This dog has not been proven in any previous times to be dangerous,being bought up around children himself. He was doing what any other animal or human for that matter would do if a stranger entered there property. He was chained up in his own yard which there fore means the teen approached him not the other way around. He was startled, scared and was protecting what was his. This dog does not deserve to lose his life, would you feel the same if a strange person entered your home? What would your first inital reaction be? Youd protect your home, yourself and your children! This dog has not been raised to be aggresive!  Akitas are a pack dogs. They are very protective of their pack leader (owner) and everything around them. An akita is a very strong and powerful breed and if trained can be alot more dangerous than whats happened to the girl and if whats happened is true, the girl would of come away with alot more damage as what this dog is capable of This dog has an illness being deaf, if it feels as though himself or his surroundings including his owner is under threat they will protect it which is how they would react in the wild. If the owner wasnt present at the time of the attack the teen had no right to go over to the dog and pet him. Hes on a lead for a reason. He wasnt in the public eye nor a physical threat to a member of the public. He was on a leash on his owners property. You can almost tell by a dogs body language if they dont want to be bothered or mauled with, especially when they arent physically well in themselves. This dog was raised by his owner from a pup and was introduced to 7 children along the way. If he thinks for one second that him, his pack or his home is under threat he will react. He vrowled at her several times before scratching her, If growling wasn't enough signs to say leave him alone then i dont know what is.