North Pole Hoops Needs to Stop Bilking Parents

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North Pole Hoops represents itself as a "basketball recruiting service" and puts on tournaments to purportedly provide athletes with "national exposure" and "exposure to scouts" (according to Tariq Sbiet, the gentleman from NPT to whom I spoke).  Under this pretense, North Pole Hoops charges each parent $10 admission, per day (many tournaments are three days in length).  So...if a father and a mother were to watch their child play in a tournament, this would cost them $60...for a tournament that the teams have already paid to enter.  This rapacious practice is shameful bilking and an obviously desperate cash grab that is rooted in emotional blackmail -- parents need to watch their children play sports.  It is shameful that North Pole Hoops is making this kind of money on the backs of children (the children themselves -- the 'labour' -- receive none of this money and no palpable or ascertainable benefit, in spite of this extortionate fee).  This practice exploits children, creates barriers to families of lesser means, is elitist and classist and demonstrates a trump-esque business approach that is decidedly un-Canadian.  It does a disservice to kids, basketball and competitive sport in general and it needs to end.