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Don't change our bin collections

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North Lanarkshire Council are changing all of our bin collections from 2 weeks to 3 weeks. With the exception of our brown garden waste bin which is being combined with our small brown food waste bin. They say this is to help recycling but by making our blue paper bin and green glass bin 3 weeks as well makes this hard to justify. Families are struggling as it is and simply cannot live with these changes.

If our council are trying to encourage recycling then we need all of our recycling bins emptied as required. 

Our bin collections now:

General Waste (Black) - 2 weeks              Paper Waste (Blue) - 2 weeks                      Garden Waste (Brown) - 2 weeks             Glass Waste (Green) - 4 weeks                    Food Waste (Grey or Brown) - weekly    

The changes that they are making:

General Waste (Black) - 3 weeks                     Paper Waste (Blue) - 3 weeks                        Glass Waste (Green) - 3 weeks                       Garden/Food Waste (Brown) - 2 weeks   

What it should be: 

General Waste (Black) - 3 weeks                   Paper Waste (Blue) - 2 weeks                        Glass Waste (Green) - 3 weeks                       Garden/Food Waste (Brown) - weekly            

Also if anyone requires any additional recycling bins due to them being full in that time frame then they should be granted to them.

These are the reasons why I started this petition. I believe if the people do not stand together then our voices will never be heard. So if you are reading this then I urge you to sign this petition and make our council listen.

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