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The people of North Kingstown have been inundated with unwanted, monstrous building developments in the past few years. While some are isolated and built onto empty lots around the town, some are encroaching on the peaceful and quiet neighborhoods that citizens and TAX PAYERS of North Kingstown have enjoyed, and become dependent upon for solace and places of peace for them and their families.

This petition aims to stop both the development of 9 duplexes (18 condo units with an allowance of 4 car spaces each) that Frenchtown Investors, LLC. is trying to bulldoze into the Woodland Estates neighborhood and the razing of the woods behind Elmwood Drive, turning them into open land. These new units will be constructed in the Hunts River Aquifer protection zone, adding 72+ cars, at least doubling the amount of traffic in our peaceful, historic neighborhood.

Wildlife will be destroyed, and our (one of four sole aquifers in RI) aquifer which provides drinking water could potentially become compromised by the addition of 18 new wells, and septic systems.

Our neighboring community, Olde Mills will also be affected as these units will practically be built in their back yards. 

Please sign to help us convey that this addition of destruction, noise, and traffic is NOT WELCOME IN WOODLAND ESTATES!