Leave Toll Bar Roundabout Alone

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The community of the Grimsby and Cleethorpes and surrounding parishes , do not want or need the council to remove the Toll Bar Roundabout. The cost of approx  2.2 million can be better served in other areas of our county.  The businesses in the area will suffer due to 8 months of work which is quite unecessary. Residents will struggle to get home. Commuters will have to go miles out of their way not to mention bigger delays than at present. The council have already had one petition with 7,000 names of which they have chosen to ignore . The people they are ignoring on the already presented petition are local tax payers who are in favour of keeping the Roundabout. 

The time taken to commute into town from all areas ,into New Waltham  is already significant and the home journey from work from grimsby and Cleethorpes  at times from 15.00 onwards is already backed up to Hewitts Circus and further. 

Traffic Lights will make the roads even more congested, just look at Scartho rd which is now worse since the works than before, and will also be treacherous for the children and young adults leaving school. These children dont care that the lights are changing  from red to green , they will rush to catch up with their friends , i see it all too often down Louth rd as they are leaving. 

Please take the time and actually think about the impact to everyone .