In opposition of NCWRC killing 39 Opossums, 7 Raccoons, 5 Squirrels and 1 Dove.

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We, the undersigned, oppose the manner in which the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) handled the matter involving Ms. Childress and her injured and orphaned wildlife.
The agency's explanation for the seizure and killing of the wildlife is unjustified.
Thirty-nine opossums were killed including the one who served as an education animal.  Opossum cannot contract rabies and the NCWRC should have known that.  Rodents are also very low-risk animals.  Destroying every single animal out of concern for the domesticated animals is an example of egregious overreach and abuse of authority by this state agency. 

If the domesticated animals that were taken were later returned to the owner because they were rabies-free, none of the wild animals should have been killed.
The 'kill first; explain later" practice of the NCWRC needs to stop.