Make NC the 21st state to stand against Breed Specific Legislation

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Over the past few years, we have seen several states take a stand against any and all forms of Breed Specific Legislations, and are judging individual animals individually, and not based on what particular breed they belong to.  The.  American Pit Bull Terrier, along with the other Bully Breeds, have been demonized not only by media, but other who have never had any contact or dealings with them.  Residents of North Carolina, along with other states should be allowed to live in peace with their animals, without fear of discriminatory fees, fines, and seizures, due to what their animal may or may not appear to be.  

There are several National Organizations that speak out on this behavior, and as a state, we, the undersigned, feel North Carolina should follow their leads.  To name just a few of these organizations, The Center for Disease Control, The American Bar Association, American Vet Medical Association, Association of Pet Dog Trainers, etc.  For a complete list visit

Dr. Patricia Norris, head of the state Department of Agriculture Animal Welfare Section, commented, "If the dog has the right temperament, regardless of breed, were suppose to allow the dog the opportunity to be adopted".  We have seen in many instances that some shelters do not allow for ANY adoptions due to the animals breed, with Lumberton being the most recent.  To your constituents, this is unacceptable.  

We are asking that you consider enacting laws to protect NC residents, along with their property.  These animals are not only family members, some are actually service dogs, as well as law enforcement officers.