#WeAreNotThis: Protect LGBT North Carolinians and #RepealHB2

#WeAreNotThis: Protect LGBT North Carolinians and #RepealHB2

March 30, 2016
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Started by Lara Americo

My name is Lara Americo. I am a transgender woman from Charlotte, North Carolina. On March 23 Governor Pat McCrory signed the most egregious, sweeping, hate-filled anti-LGBT legislation in this country’s history.

This is intolerable. I won’t stand for it. And I know you won’t either. Join me in telling Governor McCrory to repeal this horrible law.

Since then I have been working nonstop to fight this law. I’m attending rallies, speaking publicly, and making videos in protest. I’m doing this because in one day, my state’s elected officials drastically changed how I live my life.

This law – an unprecedented attack on LGBT rights – stripped away discrimination protections for LGBT people across the state and mandated discrimination against transgender people. Can you be refused service in a store because of your sexual orientation? YES. Can you be turned away from a hotel on the basis of your gender identity? YES.

We have a chance to reverse this blatant discrimination when the North Carolina General Assembly starts a new legislative session in April.

I should be able to use the bathroom, ride the train, go out to lunch, and everything else that any other woman is able to do, without harassment and discrimination.

The sad truth is that being transgender in North Carolina can be scary – especially when there is no protection in place for people like me.  I do not ask for special treatment, I only ask that I am treated fairly and I am given the ability to live a normal life.

But Governor McCrory threatened my safety and that of all LGBT North Carolinians when he signed HB 2 into law. Demand that he work to repeal it now.

I know you’ve been working hard to keep transgender students safe in South Dakota and Tennessee, and I hope you’ll continue to fight for all LGBT North Carolinians. We’re counting on you.


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This petition had 44,105 supporters

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